St Edmunds Society has been around for over 52 years. St Eds is a collaborative vocational learning hub providing an alternative learning provision for young people entering Construction, Transport Maintenance, Catering & Hospitality, Horticulture, Hair & Beauty, Sport and Active Leisure and Child Care with Therapeutic Art.
At St-Eds, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of training courses for students at both pre-16 and post-16, who excel in a vocational setting. Our work spans across 18 Norfolk and Suffolk schools alongside our Post-16 Study Programme and is supported by our dedicated welfare and IAG support team. We are very excited to announce the addition of three further course delivery sites for the new academic year, located in Kings Lynn, Lowestoft and Ipswich.
Whether you are a young person looking for training, a parent/carer or guardian, a referral agency or an IAG professional looking to place students, we look forward to welcoming you to St Edmunds Society.

Careers Advice and Guidance

Many young people often do not get the advice and guidance they may need to progress into their chosen career path. At St-Eds, we love helping students to be the best they can be!

The CIAG Team will provide you with careers information, advice and guidance to help you become aware of the opportunities available in Norfolk and what your next steps should be. They will help to develop your confidence, enabling you to access future career paths applicable to your skills and interests.

The team will prepare you for the demands in the labour market, helping you to explore the opportunities available and to make the most of your qualifications. They will also support you with your functional skills in Maths and English to compliment your vocational qualifications.

The team, accredited by Matrix, will also organise employability days with St-Eds corporate partners, to enhance your overall learning experience throughout your training course.

“It is amazing to see how the students progress whilst they are here, developing their confidence during one-to-one sessions, helping them feel better equipped to be able to access their next steps.”

Serena Davenport – Study Programme Manager and CIAG

Serena Davenport Transition Coach

Employabilty Day At Taylor Wimpy

St-Eds is fortunate to have access to nationally recognised sub-contractors such as Taylor Wimpey, with whom our students can develop relationships for work experience and apprenticeships.

“At St-Eds Training Centre they help you to become more independent in your learning and you are encouraged to take opportunities that are available. This enabled me to get the placement at Taylor Wimpey which has given me hands on experience in what the construction industry is really like.”
Tom Kavanagh – Taylor Wimpey
Taylor Wimpey

Welfare and Behaviour Management

Tara Bliss-Appleton Welfare Support Manager

Studies and past practice have identified that young people will often struggle in education when their emotional, physical and behavioural needs are not effectively being met.

On arrival, you will be offered a thorough induction, to show you and your parents/guardians what St-Eds has to offer you and how the team can help prepare you for the future. We like to get to know and understand all of our students.

Specifically, St-Eds has developed its Welfare Support Team, to ensure that the safety of all students and staff comes first. Through strong communication and engagement, the Welfare Team will identify any barriers to your learning and work with you to overcome these.

By applying its knowledge and experience, the Welfare Support Team focuses on gaining trust and building lasting relationships, helping you to target and reach manageable training and workplace goals.

“The safety, care and welfare of our students, both physical and emotional, is our number one priority. We focus on connecting with our young people; building close relationships with them based on trust.”

Tara Bliss-Appleton – Welfare Support Manager

What Our Students Had To Say

We asked some of our students to talk about their experiences at St-Eds. Here’s what they had to say!

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Meet The St Eds Team

Lorraine Bliss, MBE

Chief Executive Officer

Lorraine Bliss CEO

Lorraine has been with St-Eds for over twenty-six years and has been its Project Leader and CEO for the last twenty. She firmly believes that every young person deserves the right to achieve their full potential, irrespective of the social and mainstream educational challenges they may have faced growing up. That is the core focus at St-Eds. Lorraine is extremely proud of the work that St-Eds has achieved and the difference that staff and tutors have made to the lives of thousands of young people over the years.

Mark Anderson

Revenue Development Manager

Mark Anderson Revenue Development Manager

Mark brings a wealth of knowledge of education-system development and is responsible for overseeing the growth of new business contracts and the curriculum. Working closely with the Senior Leadership Team, Mark is focused on implementing new curriculum areas, whilst promoting the positive ethos that has become synonymous with St-Eds. Mark thoroughly enjoys his role, believing St-Eds to be a progressive organisation with a unique ability to engage and deliver positive vocational education experiences for young people.

Tara Bliss-Appleton

Welfare Support Manager

tara bliss-appleton - welfare support manager-social worker

Tara is our Welfare Support Manager and our qualified Social Worker onsite. She manages our welfare team to support challenging and complex students. Tara has been qualified and worked in this area for over 17 years as it has been her long standing passion. This came about from her mother whom was supporting homeless and vulnerable children and adults when Tara was younger. Along with her ever growing list of training she really is an asset to our team and to our students!

Paul Selby

Centre Co-ordinator

Paul Selby

Paul is our Centre Co-ordinator. His role is to primarily manage the tutoring staff along with all Health and Safety in our workplace. Paul is an experienced manager that has had a career in painting and decorating with fine restoration. With his ever-growing passion for St-Eds Paul had started off with us as a tutor and has continually grown in skills to become the Centre Co-ordinator he is today. Paul is great at organising labour and is a trained QCT Assessor. He is a great team leader and is very approachable for the students.

Serena Davenport

Study Programme Manager and CIAG

Serena Davenport Transition Coach

Serena is the Study Programme Manager and CIAG (Careers Information, Advice and Guidance) at St-Eds. Supported by the rest of the IAG Team, her role is to help prepare students for transition into the labour market. Serena’s experience and guidance allows students to learn vital skills such as CV preparation, submitting job applications, as well as interview skills. Serena finds it particularly rewarding to watch St-Eds students secure real full-time work placements on completion of their training.

Darren Chapman

Behaviour Mentor

Darren Chapman Welfare Support Officer

Darren is the Behaviour Mentor and part of the broader Welfare Support Team. Many young people struggle socially and emotionally in a traditional educational environment and Darren helps students to very quickly feel at home at St-Eds. He focuses on assisting young people to address and manage emotional and behavioural issues, helping them to gain confidence and grow as people. Darren helps to re-integrate students into a learning environment and to prepare them for life in the working world.

Nicky Wright

Welfare Support Officer

Nicky Wright

Nicky started here as a volunteer, this engaged her as she learned an entirely new skillset. She has previously manned a few titles with us and has recently been promoted due to her kind nature, professionalism and approachable skills with our young people. Nicky is a great people-person and deals well in any situation. Nicky is brilliant at building trusting relationships with our young people and understanding their complications. She is an asset to our welfare team.

Jackie Braithwaite

Education Support Tutor

JackieBraithwaite Oct16

Jackie is excellent in her role and is very committed to supporting our students at St-Eds with the correct approach for them to achieve Functional Skills in Maths. She has experience with working with students from very different backgrounds and understands how to further aid them to progress in their futures. Jackie leads a practical approach and as a team we are aiming to incorporate Maths and English into our vocational curriculum. She understands widely how to manage challenging behaviour in our students and has built trust with them.

Student Testimonials

St-Eds has given me what primary and high school has not. I feel St-Eds understands my needs and it makes me want to be at school.

Leon – Student

I came to St-Eds in 2013. The staff helped me to overcome anxiety and expanded my knowledge within the construction industry.

Sophie Tomkins – Trainee

During my time at St-Eds, I have learned a wealth of experience and skills from my tutors that I can take with me into the working world.

Jess Davies – Apprentice

Some Achievements That We’re Proud Of

Number Of Training Courses That Are Run At St Eds
Number Of Students Completing Training In 2017
Percentage Of Post-16's Going On To Full-Time Employment