Carpentry Course


Hi there, my name is Richard Brown and I’m the Carpentry Tutor at St-Eds.

This qualification is aimed at learners who want to work in the construction industry and specialise in working with wood.  There are two trade areas available: Site carpentry and Bench Joinery.  Our qualifications are aimed at young people wishing to learn some skills in carpentry and joinery, to progress on to becoming skilled in their chosen trade and to progress through an apprenticeship and work towards a diploma.  The units start at Entry Level leading to Level 1 on completion of two Entry Level Certificate.


Bench Joinery Unit 001 construct a halving joint and housing joint 002 to the drawing Unit.

Unit 103 is a Level 1 unit constructing a window frame using mortice and tenon joint. Students are required to select their timber size and correct tools to produce the joint according to the drawing set by City and Guilds. Tolerances are set to +2mm.  Supervision is maintained throughout the assessments along with the opportunity to ask questions if needed. Site carpentry

Unit 108 consists of skirtings and architraves, constructing mitres, and a scribe joint.

Unit 109 Hatch Lining and Level

110 unit Latch and Lock.

The qualifications have to show, as their primary purpose, that you have the skills which are required to carry out routine jobs which are usually completed in the workplace.  A key part of the course will include proving that they can complete certain work-related tasks.  During the course we would typically record activities through their portfolio, where they build evidence of the work they have done, and by observation, where I, as the assessor watch their work and check that they can perform the necessary tasks.